Most people, myself included, like comfort things including food or clothes.  So, if these items feel so good, why is everyone always saying you need to step out of your comfort zone?  And if we feel good, do we need to think about overcoming our fear?  Let’s come back to this question.

I recently attended Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within seminar.  If you have not attended a Tony Robbins event, I can tell you it was an incredible four days.  The first day ends with a fire walk.  This is when everybody in attendance has the opportunity to walk across hot burning coals.  Now, I would not be surprised at this moment if you are reading this and asking yourself, “Why would people do this?”

So, I ask you. What does it take to get you out of your comfort zone?  Would walking across hot coals get you out of your comfort zone?

What is walking on coals really like?

sherrie clark

There is a long buildup to the day’s fire walking finale. When the time comes, excitement is everywhere and you can feel the adrenaline in everyone.  10,000 people file barefoot out into the parking lot at midnight clapping and chanting “Yes” over and over.  It is dark, and with so many people, it is actually hard to see what is going on.  The music keeps playing and everyone keeps clapping, “YES” … “YES” … “YES”.  Before I knew it the line had moved along and I found myself in front of the path of 2,000 degree coals.  We were coached not to look down, and while I wanted to look at the coals, I looked straight ahead to keep from getting burned and started walking.  On my last step I could feel a hot point on the arch of my right foot and then it was over and I was standing in the cool water.

I successfully walked across the hot coals and felt at that moment I could do anything.   A feeling of I can accomplish anything replaced any old fear holding me back.  Which brings us back to my original question.  If being in our comfort zone feels good why step out of it?  The way I think of it is while it may feel good to be in my comfort zone, only being out of it has the possibility to feel outstanding.

What are you doing to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone?  Log your personal challenge in the comments below.