I’ve learned that too often, people do not speak up and ask for what they really need.


Courage to Be Seen – Having the courage to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs to achieve your dreams

You can achieve the life you dream about and long for. What is it that is holding you back from living that life right now? It is time to be true to yourself, overcome your fears, live life fully, and have the courage to be seen.


ACE – Achieving the success you desire through embracing your true Authentic, Confident, and Empowered self

The successful life you desire can be achieved by being authentic – true to yourself, confidant – believing in yourself, and empowered – enabling yourself. Determining the areas that are your strengths and the areas where you need to focus on improving will allow yourself to achieve the success you desire.


Authentic – Be true to yourself

You cannot experience true happiness if you are not being authentic. This includes living your life for others or by their rules. How to take back control, be yourself, release worrying about the judgement of others, and experience true happiness.


Confident – How to have and project the level of confidence you always wanted

Confidence is having certainty in one’s abilities, however many things you do may project yourself in a way that does not reflect a high level of confidence. Steps you can take to increase and display a higher level of confidence.


Empowered – Give yourself permission

Empowerment is incredibly powerful. You have the power to make choices for yourself without judgement and you do not have to wait for someone else to give you permission. Steps you can take to be more empowered today.


Creating Executive Presence – Communicating with confidence

You can feel the leadership of some people the moment they walk into a room. You can learn to have the same effect by focusing on developing your executive presence skills. There are easy changes you can start applying right now.


Priorities, boundaries, and making room for it all

The most precious resource in the world is time and we never seem to have enough of it. How to make sure you are utilizing your time in a way that protects your sanity and brings the most joy to your life.


Having that tough conversation

We all need to occasionally have a conversation we just dread, either in your personal or professional life. Maybe you have even been putting the conversation off for a while secretly hoping the need for it would go away. How to plan and prepare to have that conversation so you achieve the outcome you desire.


Interviewing to get that job you want

You may find interviewing is exciting and you look forward to them with excitement, interviews may also scare you to death and the fill you with dread, or you may be somewhere in the middle. Where ever you currently find yourself on this spectrum, preparation is the key to rocking the interview so you can obtain your dream job.


Reclaim control of your life – Successfully integrating work and life together

Managing everything you need to do can be a challenge. Working to have a successful career, taking care of your family, and finding some time for yourself. Is it all possible? Can you find sanity in this crazy world? Yes, you can take control and reclaim your life.


Personal Brand – Take control of the image you project

We all know the power behind a strong brand. Companies with strong brands go to great lengths to maintain and protect their brands. How much time do you put into developing your own brand? Steps you can take to create and develop your own brand.


Raising a special needs child while having a successful career

Raising any child is challenging, especially these days. Having a career while dealing with the challenges of a special needs child may seem downright impossible. While you may need to discard some old ways of thinking, yes it can be done.


Career Planning – How to prepare for and get the job you really want

You may be happy in your current job, even so, you know that one day you would like to do something more and take on new challenges. It is best to prepare now so you are ready when that day comes. Steps you need to take now so you can get the job you really want.

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