Our Unique Invitation

aces-sherrie-clark-courage-to-be-seen-logo-v1-500-tmIs this a familiar phrase for you, maybe something you have said, or heard someone else say a version of it, “I don’t want to be a female engineer, I just want to be an engineer.”?

This may seem noble and is how I felt early in my career. I knew I could be considered one of the best engineers, male or female, and I didn’t want a qualifier in front of my title.

What I didn’t realize at the time was an attempt to separate being female from being an engineer limited myself. Today I embrace being a female engineer and the power that comes with it. You too can declare your truth and our program helps you achieve it.

Authentic ~ Confident ~ Empowered ~ Successful

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I have found throughout my career, from mentoring and coaching, and just talking with women the same themes keep coming up. So, I wanted to create a coaching program to focus on assisting others in these areas. You may find your needs concentrate in one area or maybe you would like to focus on improving in all three. Either way the key to being more successful is to be more Authentic, Confident, and Empowered.



Authentic is being true to yourself, to be genuine or real, representing one’s true nature or beliefs. Why is it important for you to be authentic? Being authentic creates an internal feeling of personal freedom, it allows you to feel alive, and to live in the present. Being authentic is also a key to trust, both trusting yourself and trust of others.


Confident is being sure of oneself, having certainty in one’s own abilities. Why would you want to focus on being confident? Being confident allows you to overcome your fears and is required to take action. Being confident will also allow you to have more self-worth, happiness, and joy.


Empowered is having the authority or power to do something. Why do you want to be empowered? When someone is empowered permission comes from within, too often we limit ourselves more than anyone else limits us. Being empowered means you will believe in yourself to take action and you don’t need to wait for something else to be completed first, ie. I need to do “blank” first, before I can do “blank”.

Seen Acts of Courage

Sherrie has a strength in being able to pivot, talk about what’s important in my week-to-week experience, and offer real-life advice about my challenges as a new people manager. Also, she has really good practical suggestions for the day-to-day kinds of things (task management, etc.). Sherrie is great at balancing listening and sharing. I feel like she really cares about my progress and improvement and I feel like she wants me to do well.


We can help you in any project