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Personal Coaching

Sherrie specializes in working with women in business and entrepreneurs who want to move their lives and their careers forward. As a champion for women globally, Sherrie has successfully mentored and coached women world-wide with her dynamic and innovative ACES program.

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Executive Coaching

High impact program to rapidly advance capabilities for executives and high potential leaders to drive results in their organization and personal life. Focus areas include executive presence, self-awareness, leadership skills, decision making, and driving strategic vision to create successful business results and lead a motivated, energized organization.

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Corporate Consulting

Build your people. Build your business. An organization that isn’t working up to its potential is in danger of failing. Sherrie can help you evaluate and refine your strategy, structure, team dynamics, and/or personal and team development to achieve business objectives.

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Training held in group settings allow students to network, share experiences, and learn from each other to enhance learning new skills. Check back for schedule of offered seminars, or contact Sherrie about scheduling a custom seminar for your group or team.

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ACES Coaching program is an online group coaching program focused on helping you to achieve your dreams by being Authentic, Confident, and Empowered to create more success in your life. Check back for schedule of next offering.

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Sherrie is an award-winning executive with a passion to bring dynamic conversations to women with a hunger for action. A list of topics that inspire and ignite are here

We’re available for any project!


DARE Coaching Framework

Emphasis is on progress toward goals and positive achievements along the path. Transformation happens in increments. Progress in one area many times is a catalyst for improvements in other areas.


Define Goals and Objectives, determine areas for improvement and desired outcomes. What behaviors do you want to change? What do you want to achieve? This step builds the foundation for success.


Analyze current state. What is the starting point? How close are you to your goal? Identify roadblocks, resistance, what is working well, skills can be built on, and review previous actions taken towards goal. Important to be curious during this stage


Revise vision of desired future state being open to new possibilities and develop action plan. What does ideal vision of success look like? Develop multiple potential paths to move forward from a broad range of creative possibilities. Identify potential obstacles, milestones, motivations, accountability needs, and how progress will be measured.


Execute action plan. Commit to specific actions to move towards goal. Practice new behaviors. What do you need to start doing? What do you need to stop doing? Review progress and adjust approach.

Women and Progress

Over the past half-century, women have strengthened their position in the labor force and boosted their economic standing by making gains in labor force participation, wages and access to more lucrative occupations. But their progress on some fronts has stagnated in recent years, and large gender gaps persist at the top levels of leadership in government and business.

Women in Management Positions
Women who never have an informal interaction with a senior leader
Women Face Microaggressions



Sherrie is a high-powered executive who is also incredibly human. Her lessons about everything from her daily calendar management to self-care to communication and her honest sharing about her experiences are very helpful to me. I appreciate her willingness to adjust the agenda and focus on my areas of need at each session.

Jessica Ingrassellino

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