4 Keys to Success

Are you someone who wants to take the next step in your career but are not sure how?

Maybe you have been wanting to focus on your personal development, however you don’t seem to make any progress.

Is there something you have been dreaming about, but are not taking any steps to turn it into a reality?

Maybe success for you is more happiness in your life, better work life balance, or even being able to pick your kids up from school every day.  Success could be finding a way to not feel guilty while doing less.

No matter how you define success in your life, I think we can all agree.  We want more of it in our lives.

The Four Keys to Having More Success
  1. Know where you want to go

Take the time to determine what your goals are and write them down.  Studies show that you will be 42% more likely to achieve your goals once they are written down.  Also, the act of writing your goal down helps to clarify it.  If you are not clear on what your vision for the future is, then you will have a hard time developing a plan to get there.

  1. Take action, don’t wait for someone to give you permission

Now that you know where you want to go, the next step is to take action.  If you already did step one and figured out what you want to achieve.  You are clear about your desires and you wrote them down.  You may think you are on your way to achieving success, however unfortunately 92% of people will fail to achieve their goals and the success they desire.

The number one reason is they don’t take any action.  You will not achieve your goals if you don’t take action.  You need to stop making excuses that are keeping you from taking action.

Instead make a list of 5 things you need to do to achieve your goal.  Then pick one item off the list and start doing it now.   What you want to do is start building momentum. So, sign up for a class, order a book, make an appointment, research a location.  It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something to start taking action.

  1. Constantly make improvements

Once you are taking action toward your goal you need to make sure to take time and reflect on how you are doing.  Where are you making progress? and where can you do better?  If you are not achieving the success you thought you would, then make a change, try something else.  You may need to make a small slight adjustment, or you may need to scrap your current plan and try again.  Very few people achieve the success they desire on their first try.  Get feedback, measure progress, adjust, and improve as you go along.

  1. Get an accountability partner

An accountability partner could be a coach or mentor, it could be a friend or colleague, or it could be someone you connect with in an online group.  Whoever you pick, you will make more progress if someone else knows about your goals and can provide support to help keep you accountable to your plan.

You can also use yourself as an accountability partner if you are not able to find anyone else.  You can write out your plan with specific measurable steps and post them in a place you will see multiple times a day.  Places include your mirror, post it notes on your computer monitor, the dash of your car….  This way you will have reminders you see all day long to help provide that an extra incentive to hold yourself accountable.

Implementing these four keys will lead to more success in your life.

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